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Take Action
And Get Involved

Want to raise awareness and hold Sparrow accountable? Here's how to get involved.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:

Share Your Story: Have an experience with going to the Sparrow ER for a psychiatric emergency that you'd like to share? Fill out the survey below. 

Join the Cause: Want to get involved further with our mission to hold Sparrow accountable? Our posters are acessible to be printed and distributed or to be shared virtually. If you're interested in getting involved in future campaigns or in getting printed posters delivered to your organization, reach out to us through our contact section below or at

For more information email us:

Advocacy Resources

Organization dedicated to building non-carceral, peer-led mental health systems. Lots of ways to get involved and there is an MSU branch!

Group focused on reforming MSU's Counseling and Psychiatric Services.

Project LETS site

MSU branch Instagram:


Instagram: @reformcapsmsu

Non-carceral organization focused on tranforming the mental health system and adressing societal causes of poor mental health.

Organization that provides peer support and respite services. They are seeking donations and have a lot of resources that can be shared online or in your community!


IDHA Instagram: 


PSP Site

PSP Instagram: 


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