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Safe Crisis Help Is Available.

Although it can be difficult to find truly good crisis care options, there are many better than Sparrow. Here are some our community recommends.
University of Michigan: This ER was recommended the most by our community. Unlike Sparrow, patients are not strip searched and are allowed to keep belongings like phones and clothes. Set up more like a waiting room than a "holding pen", care workers are respectful towards patients, and nearby psychiatric hospitals are well rated compared to other Michigan psychiatric hospitals. Not perfect by any means, but far more safe for individuals in crisis. 

Address: 1500 E Medical Center Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
New Oakland: This facility, recomended by our community, has an intensive crisis stablization progam for individuals who meet criteria for hospitalization but can be stablized in a less restrictive setting. Services include counseling and therapeutic support, which are not offerred by any of the emergency rooms on this list. You can recieve this support by calling their 24/7 emergency number, 877-800-1650, and if requested and deemed appropriate the facility will send trained therapeutic staff to your location or will reach out to you to provide support over Zoom. They also offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services, which can help patients who need more support on an outpatient basis. 

Learn more here.
McLaren's Greater Lansing Hospital: This hospital is similarly close to East Lansing/Lansing as Sparrow, but is more highly recomended by our community.

Address: 2900 Collins Rd, Lansing, MI 48190
Cedar Creek: If you have commercial insurance, you can schedule a walk-in at this facility, minimizing time spent in an ER.

Address: 101 W Townsend Rd, St Johns, MI 48879
The Listening Ear: The Listening Ear is a Lansing-based hotline that you can call for support when you are in crisis or need someone to talk to. 

Phone Number: 517 337 1717 (open 10am to 2am)
Pine Rest Urgent Care: An urgent care environment for people ages 18 and up dealing with psychiatric symptoms. Call ahead for a virtual appointment.

Address: 300 68th Street SE, Building E, Entrance E1, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
Phone Number: 615 455 9200 
Hours and more information can be found here. 
Looking for non-emergency, low cost support? You may find peer support programs helpful. Here are some recommended by our community:
Peer Support Space (free, advocacy centric)
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